AHB Building Contracting is specialized in all kinds of construction projects such as Luxurious Villas, Warehouses, Workshops, Schools, Labour accommodations, Scaffolding, Interior Fitout Services etc. We are also specialized in all kinds of MEP works.


AHB Group has added new activity for Turnkey Projects where we do complete design and build under one roof with help of our specialized workforce. We take projects for both commercial and residential. We have our in house team for all kinds of MEP works


AHB Group has added another activity where we are focusing to help our clients to meet their deadlines by supplying them skilled workforce. We cooperate with our clients and support them with our this department.


AHB Group has started new activity where we are accepting the complete inquiry for scaffolding works. Design to implementation complete scope of work is handled by our department. We even are flexible either to supply or to execute the works as per clients demands.


The genesis of AHB Real Estate Brokerage took place in January 2018 in the dynamic city of Dubai. Our record-breaking operations were in full effect by March 2018. Since our inauguration, we have built an impressive platinum portfolio, which is marked by a comprehensive range of market-leading real estate agents in dubai.

Our commitment is to assist our clients through the sea of real estate dubai transactions. A transaction completed by an agent from FIDU Properties is client-centric, marked by empathy and excellence based on well-informed decision making. Our platinum portfolio has an inventory of services, that include the sales and letting of residential and commercial properties all over Dubai..


We have an expansive fleet of bike riders that move products in a hyper local region as well as intracity deliveries via good transportation network. We are providing logistics services to businesses ranging from online grocers, restaurants, offline and online retail commerce – in other words – for any industry that seeks to deliver a product on a recurring basis.


AHB Health Care Pharmacy . Established in 2020, as part of AHB Group Of Companies(L.L.C)AHB,, wellness and nutrition. We focus on our community’s ever-growing needs, work with our brands and partners, to offer quality products that aim at promotinga healthy lifestyle.

Our range covers categories such as Pharmacy and Healthcare, Beauty and Cosmetics, Vitamins and Supplements, Personal care, Skincare and more. We take pride in carefully assessing and selecting the best available brands in the world to cater to our customer needs. we are constantly working towards improving our store experience, delivery network, and overall customer service.AHB Pharmacy strives to think differently, always putting the customer first, breaking the conventional role of a traditional pharmacy.

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